Ecommerce Marketing

Learn to conquer the five fundamental obstacles of every sale with e-commerce marketing:

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Ecommerce marketing is a process that enables companies to sell their products & services through websites. 

The primary goal is to showcase your online product/service store & drive sales through websites.

The strategy uses a wide range of promotional techniques like paid advertising, social content, email campaigns, blogs, etc. to drive more traffic to the website. 

Once the user is on the website, different marketing techniques to Attract, interest, create desire & subsequently make them act on purchase.

It helps in:

    1. Driving more traffic to the website & make them aware of your complete online store.
    2. Reach out to more customers through social media, influencers & digital advertising.
    3. Drive conversion & grow sales by providing relevant information about your products & services.
    4. Understanding the psychology of your customer’s buying behaviour,the trends & modify your sales strategy accordingly.

An integrated eCommerce Marketing plan includes :

    1. Social Media Marketing
    2. Influencer Activation
    3. Email Campaigns
    4. Pay Per Click Advertising
    5. Content Marketing
    6. Search Engine optimization

At Right Signal, we provide complete Ecommerce Marketing with a focus on generating maximum results & achieving the desired levels of sales growth.

We use a four-step approach for a successful strategy - 

  1. Driving new visitors to your website
  2. Turning them into your customers
  3. Enhance website user experience & interface 
  4. Post sale marketing to ensure repeat purchases.

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