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Let us understand how Email Marketing can help to grow your business with low investments.

A small bakery launched customised cupcakes and wants to distribute free samples to their existing clients to make the purchase. 

They want to increase their sales through sampling but have a minimal budget.

What tool of digital marketing can help them achieve their goal?

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimisation 
  3. Pay Per Click Marketing
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Email Marketing, in simple words, is sending emails to prospective clients & existing customers to convert them or nurture their experience with the company.


It uses tools like newsletters, Exclusive deals, Promotions, Articles, Checklists, etc. to convert the leads.

As a result, there's an increase in sales & brand awareness, subsequently resulting in Brand Loyalty.

A Lead Magnet is a free tool for obtaining the contact information of the people visiting your website to convert them.

Commonly used Lead Magnets are Free Checklists, Templates, E-Books, Reports, Whitepaper, Videos, etc.

  1. Email marketing uses an inbound marketing approach to attract customers.

    By providing relevant content for your audiences, we draw them to your website.

    The Lead Magnets help obtain information about the prospective client, which we use to convert & nurture them through a series of emails until they are ready to make a purchase.

    Similarly, the existing clients are converted through a series of relevant emails sent to them over frequent intervals.

Email Marketing is best suited for small businesses having a limited marketing budget.

    1. Cost-effective - reach larger audiences in the most affordable way
    2. High conversion rates - Due to the inbound marketing approach
    3. Flexibility - Track & measure your return on investment & easy modification according to your company goals.
    4. Nurture Relationships - Enhance & Nurture relationships with existing & new customers, thereby ensuring your business's growth.

At Right Signal, we provide complete Email Marketing solutions that include:

    1. Goals & Target creation
    2. Audiences/ Email list segmenting
    3. Content Mapping & Email design
    4. Campaign Setting and launch
    5. Regular Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis

We respect the trust & faith our customers have placed in us. 

We guarantee complete email list confidentiality to all our clients.

Additionally, Our team of experts minutely craft your Email Marketing Services to generate maximum returns with minimum investment.

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