"People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories & magic." - Seth Godin

We can understand Influencer Marketing with a simple example.

An eCommerce website selling high-quality kitchen appliances wants to run a campaign to gain Trust and brand awareness among their audiences and increase sales by 50%. The company intends to advocate features of their product by not directly selling it to them.

What can digital marketing tools help them achieve their goals?

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Search engine optimization
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Influencer Marketing is one of the types of social marketing that uses influencers to promote or advocate your brand, its products, and services.


Influencers can influence their audiences' purchase decisions with their knowledge, position, popularity, and authority.

When an Influencer advocates your product or service, it creates a high trust amongst their niche audiences.

The Trust subsequently creates familiarity and drives engagement for your brand and generates quality leads for your business.

When you choose the right type of influencer for your products and services, it takes care of all that you want to convey to your audiences.

Influencer Marketing can:

  1. Instantly build Trust and credibility for your brand amongst the right audiences, which influences the purchase decisions.
  2. Enhance brand awareness and expands the reach of audiences 
  3. Add to your content marketing strategy.
  4. Build strong associations for your brand and create brand advocacy for your company.

At Right Signal, We provide complete influencer marketing solutions tailored to meet your specific goals.


 Our services include :


  1. Target audiences analysis and goal mapping
  2. Influencer strategy design
  3. Contacting influencers and onboarding
  4. Content scheduling and publishing 
  5. Monitoring and analysis of results

We make sure to design your influencer strategy aiming at maximum exposure through the right platform, right influencer, and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Talk to our experts now and allow us to know more about your influencer marketing needs. Our team will get back to you with the custom quote.

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