The future of marketing is mobile.

The rise in smartphone users will subsequently make mobile the next powerful digital marketing tool. In such cases, mobile apps will become an essential tool for marketing.

Let us understand how.

A mobile app is simple words is a software application designed to run on remote devices like a smartphone or a tablet. They comprise of small software units that enable users to perform a variety of functions.

On the contrary, a web app is a series of programs designed to perform tasks over web browsers.

A web app also works on remove devices & is much easier to develop & access than mobile apps.

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  1. Customer data - Apps can act as a great source of customer data.
  2. Track behavior patterns of customers - through the series of functions performed on the app.
  3. Expand reach - the brand becomes easily accessible to all the audiences across application stores like Google Play Store, app store, etc.
  4. Leveraging Push Notification - Push notifications help the business be in regular touch with their customers and inform them about the new products, deals, promotions, etc. & convert them into loyal customers.

Web design, in simple words, is the original design & appearance of your website.

It takes into consideration subtle nuances like the layout, colours, font etc. to ensure the usability & aesthetically appealing to your target audiences.

Our team of experts at Right Signal follow a five-step approach to building the right mobile application to achieve your goals.

  1. Concept Mapping
  2. UX design
  3. Deploying appropriate technologies
  4. Performance optimization
  5. Delivery & Quality assurance

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