PPC Marketing

A penny saved is a penny earned

The above saying perfectly matches with Pay Per Click Marketing.

Let us see a situation to understand more about PPC marketing.

An Ecommerce website owner wants to advertise his products across the web by placing digital advertisements. He has a limited budget, wants to show these ads to the relevant audiences who search for the product & who have visited his website, to make the purchase. 

How can he do that?

  1. Pay Per Click Marketing 
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Search Engine OptimizationOptimization
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Pay Per Click Advertising is a vital part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where the advertisers have to pay only when the users click their digital ads. 

When a keyword query or a search term entered by the user matches with the search term set for your Ad copy, the digital ad shows up on the Search Engine Ranking Page as sponsored ads. 

The amount is charged to the advertiser for every click on the ad made by the user.

This amount for digital ads depends on the quality of the ad and maximum amount that the advertiser is willing to spend for a per click of the ad.

Based on your marketing goals, We design different PPC marketing campaigns that include:

  1. Search Ads - the text that appears Search Engine Result Page 
  2. Display Ads - Image-Based ads shown across google display network & more
  3. Social Ads - Paid Ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.
  4. Remarketing Ads - Ads are shown to the existing contacts or customers who have previously visited your website.
  5. Shopping Ads - Shows Image, Price & short product description for e-commerce products.
  6. Video Ads - Short video ads that appear on various platforms.

We provide complete PPC Marketing campaign management solutions that include

  1. Keyword Research
  2. PPC Ad copy
  3. A/B testing 
  4. Landing Page optimization 
  5. Reporting & Analytics

  1. PPC campaign can help you achieve marketing goals through your website like Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, offer promotion, sales conversion etc.
  2. Drive Instant revenue generation through your website.
  3. Complete customization of your PPC Marketing campaigns to ensure Maximum alignment with your goals.
  4. Focussed targetting to your audiences based on their purchase behaviour, demographics & psychographic information.
  5. The competitive advantage of finding potential customers.

We use Artificial intelligence-based advertising tools for your PPC marketing campaign to prevent any fraudulent activities in respect of paid clicks.

We make sure to design a wide range of PPC techniques specific to your industry & customer behaviour to optimize your ad spend & increase conversions from your website.

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