Social Media Marketing

Know your Customer Pulse to be ahead

Here's an example to emphasise the importance of Social Media Marketing.

A hairdresser created a website to showcase his portfolio and help his customers to book appointments online. A few months later, he started to receive some appointments organically and wanted to know what his audiences are thinking about his work and will they recommend it to their friends. What tool of digital marketing can help him?
A. Search Engine Optimisation
B. Social Media Marketing
C. Pay per click advertising

RS- Illustration SMM

By customer pulse, we mean the preferences, opinions, likes and dislikes of the target audience that engages with your content.

Social Media Marketing, in other words, is the process of using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. to connect with your audiences, build brand awareness & generate more traffic to your website.

With an active social media presence of your brand, it becomes easy to identify details about your customer's sentiments, by way of comments, shares, likes, brand mentions for posts etc.

The information acquired can be analysed to convert these audiences to qualified leads, and then loyal customers of your brand, as well as driving sales & growth of the business.

Yes, Social media is a conventional or Inbound approach of marketing where the business interacts with its target audiences by providing relevant content & building meaningful relationships with them over a while.

Above all, Brands & businesses need to be actively engaging in the platforms where their target audiences are.

Social Media Marketing can help you to:

  • Build meaningful communication with your customers, however not directly selling your product to them.
  • Increase Brand awareness & build goodwill over a while.
  • Convert prospective leads into loyal customers.
  • Build a social asset for your business that will generate continuous revenue for your business.

At Right Signal, we provide complete Social Media Marketing solutions across all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Our services include:

    1. Social Audits
    2. Competitive analysis
    3. Concept Mapping
    4. Content planning
    5. Post creation & scheduling
    6. Monitoring & Analysis of Social Assets
    7. A/B testing for Quality lead generation

Our team of experts across industries efficiently convert your business into a valuable social asset in addition to customised strategies & detailed execution specific to your industry.

Subsequently, We help you to select the right mix of platform, Ad copy, Audiences & Approach to generate quality leads & build meaningful communication with your customers.

We believe in providing more value to our customers than what they pay.

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