UI & UX Design

Design is intelligence made visible

A great experience starts with a great layout & that's where UX & UI design comes in the picture.

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UI means user interface, which is where your customers interact with the elements of the website.

The User interface includes buttons, text, sliders, bots, videos, & other visual aesthetics.

Ux means User Experience. It is the overall impression that the customers have about your business when going through the website.

UX covers the psychological aspects of your customer behavior, invoking the right feelings through the website to convert them.

UI is a part UX that helps in enhancing the Website experience.

UI & UX design is a vital component of the web development process that helps in :

  1. Customer Acquisition - It becomes easier to acquire customers by creating a long-lasting impression & Enhancing the user experience.
  2. Low maintenance cost - A optimized user experience will reduce the need for regular maintenance of your website.
  3. Higher user engagements - We can quickly fix the challenges faced by the customer by deploying the right UX. It subsequently results in higher user engagement & low bounce rates on the website.
  4. Clear CTA - The right UI & UX design through visual appeal makes your customer perform a specific set of actions indirectly & hence generates more leads.
  5. Builds Loyalty - Since the customer can quickly move across the pages of the website, a lot of time gets saved. Over a while, this builds loyalty towards your brand through repeat visits.

At Right Signal, we use a series of steps to create the right user experience for the customers visiting the website. 

We deploy user testing simulations to find out the shortcomings in the user interface.

We also draft a customer journey map from start to end that motivates them towards performing various actions, thereby achieving lead generation goals.

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